The Hearsay

Stay up to date on new protocols to help reduce collections and increase profit.

Small Business Profit Margin

Profit Margin – Small business profit margins seem to be shrinking. At the same time, big banking institutions and all credit card processors seem to be making money hand over fist. The age-old reason is simply noteworthy, Interest! Age-Old Interest We don’t want to...

Pitfalls of Only Accepting Credit Cards

A pitfall of Only Accepting Credit Cards With credit card processing, you give total access and privilege to the credit card company to your bank account funds.When you set up credit cards to deposit funds from customer purchases you also relinquish your control of...

Account Rollover

A key element for your contract is the ability to turn a non-paid cash sale into a monthly payment with interest. See how this deterrent will avoid the need for a collection agency and help you keep a good customer who may be in a hard situation.

1 on 1 Training for ALL.

Most companies are heavy on back end service, almost as if to create a dependency on them. Our resolve is, train you well, train you right, resolve questions immediately.

Our objective is for you to keep all your profits which you have been giving away to Merchant Services, Collection Agencies, and Lenders (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.) and empower you by eliminating your dependency.

Let’s see if reducing collections and bypassing merchant fees is for you.

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