Signing up with Woje – I am involved with Scott J and the rest of the Woje team. I originally met most of them through a variety of networking groups around Utah, and the greater Salt Lake City area. I guess the point is that it was time for Signing up with Woje, I was done listening and it was time to join.

It was easy!

I dread joining groups or other activities associated with this. But I was committed to saving my clients time and the dreaded merchant fees. The best way I know to accomplish this is by signing up with Woje. This system is designed to save money by avoiding merchant fees, or in other words, credit card charges. By signing up with Woje, you will be accepting payments in many ways, including a direct bank draw, thus avoiding credit card or merchant fees.

The Woje system is simplicity at its core! Scott has spent several decades perfecting the Woje system. He has been practicingWoje Way what he preaches by doing it again, and again for years. Then when the world was shut down by a virus called covid 19, he decided to share his secret with the world. Then the Woje app and program were built and deployed into the business world.

Signing up with Woje

As I stated a bit earlier, I don’t generally have the patience for long forms, waiting for servers to process data, etc. But being a believer and committed to saving my clients the ever-increasing merchant fees when paying with a credit card (which most due these days) It was time to join the Woje way.

After a quick conversation, they sent me to a website Where I watched a brief video. Then I had the option to click off to another site, where the verbiage said “New to Woje” click here to “Set up your Dashboard”

Only a few minutes later I was an associate! Signing up with Woje was so fast and easy, I was impressed. It required a few items like an EIN, and my license, but certainly nothing crazy, especially when you are considered a “bank” from that time forward.

In Conclusion

When you think about it, signing up with Woje is important for the future of your business. It creates the perfect win/win scenario to succeed in business in a time when merchant fees are skyrocketing. We all want to save clients money, clients don’t want to pay them, and we owners know the value of keeping all the revenue we can.

Using a bank draw is just one tool, you can finance your client if the client can pay, or you can take payments. And if you end up financing, you keep the interest! Signing up with Woje is a true win/win.
And it is so easy with the 9 videos the Woje team has put up, so you can follow a step-by-step process.

If you have any questions it is easy to find the answers. Call   Call Us at (801) 589-2294 or email support at

Sign up with Woje today!
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