Make Money – Woje does much more than save you and your client credit card fees and processing expenses. You can save yourself money. That’s right! You can make money using the Woje system. Let me explain how it works.

The Woje system is time-tested and proven to work! It’s been tested and proven over almost twenty years. It started with a creative entrepreneur who was the owner of a sign company. The owner was very frustrated with the industry. He kept submitting bids, and he knew he was less expensive than some competing bids, yet never won the contract.

Make Moneymake money

After feeling continually experiencing this frustration, he asked the estimator, with whom he submitted bids and proposals, why he was not winning the contracts. Nonchalantly, he replied, “Because you do not offer to finance.” The lights then came on, the onion skin was now pulled back.

Better Terms

The owners wanted terms or better financing options, so he started to work on ways to self-finance these deals and make money along the way, he found several other advantages. He could offer terms more agreeable, therefore making his deals more attractive. If the buyers had a less lucrative month and needed or wanted to skip a payment, he could offer flexibility and stretch out the length of the contract. The benefits went on and on. His favorite outcome was that it created a long-term relationship and an enormous amount of client/vendor loyalty. This, in turn, created a very positive impact on customer loyalty. Nonetheless, although it has taken several names previously… Woje was born!

In Conclusion

moneyThe creative, inventive entrepreneur, knew he was onto something. The real breakthrough was when the world was shut down by covid-19. For some time, most commerce was shut down. This was the opportunity he needed. He stopped building signs, and focused 100% of his attention on building or programming a system that worked!

You can see for yourself the results of thousands of hours of programming, by many programmers. Just go to and set up a demo account and start to make money.

Hope to see you there!