Merchant Services – Amazingly, our transactional world is controlled by a few companies that we all despise. Credit cards (eye roll). One of the best tools we have as a society, but also sort of a secret handcuff that always has its hands in our pockets—whether you’re the consumer or business owner. Visa, Amex, and the likes get you both coming and going.

I used to peddle the merchant service terminals to small businesses. I would try to sell features and benefits like every other sales guy, all while trying to negotiate with both my own company and the prospect with the SLIMMEST of margins. The only ones winning are the card processors. It’s a necessary evil…but does it have to be? Yes. They provide the tool, but is it worth what they take? They may as well take your dignity too, then your spouse, the dog, and then walk into the garage to take off in the work truck you just picked up.

In the last 30 years, why hasn’t anyone come up with an alternative? The only thing that has become easier is swiping the card. From the carbon copy or the 10-key swipe to now where we don’t even need cards. We scan phones and watches. Well played VISA. Well played.

Merchant Services

Buy Local

Biz owners – you know the AMEX card that kills you? How about the Capital One that Jimmy Fallon touts? Chase Sapphire? It means that everything you sell is automatically devalued by 4%.  Oh—then the $1000/year just to have the ability to take that card. If we’re gauging a level of brilliance for effortless profit gains, VISA and its friends aren’t even on the same planet as the rest of the world. Thus far, they’ve won, but the winds of change are upon us.

I don’t think we ever actually ditch the credit cards—either the consumer or biz owner—but this is ‘Merica! We innovate and create competition. Why wouldn’t we try to mix things up? Let’s go through a few basic questions:

  1. Wouldn’t it feel good to keep some of that merchant service money in your pocket?
  2. Wouldn’t it feel good to stick it to Visa or Amex after they’ve stuck it to you all these years?
  3. Wouldn’t you like to make the interest on payments?
  4. Want to keep the money in your community and not send it off to big banks to invest elsewhere?
  5. How many ‘yes’ questions do we need?


WOJE Money helps flip the control back to the business owner. Give more options to the consumer, make more money, to hell with the credit card folks. You don’t need them.

If you wish to learn about Woje’s Collection Prevention system and/or give yourself a break from the onslaught of Merchant providers and learn how to reduce merchant credit card fees without charging customers, then become the merchant provider, the credit card, and the bank in a matter of minutes. Go to, sign up for your free dashboard, get familiar and fully trained through the simple ABC video training, and within a short stint, you can capture all this money from now on. It is fast and easy.

In Conclusion

Woje will further educate you on our free up-and-coming webinars if you’re the nervous type. You can sign up for one of them here.

Or, if you want to view a Woje dashboard demo before getting your feet wet with a, did I mention, FREE dashboard, you can click here and set up an appointment with one of our business consultants and ask them more questions.

With any of the three ways, Woje’s goal is your confidence in capturing this money back. You made it. You should keep as much of it as possible.

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