Merchant Fees – Should we give a long-winded discussion about the dreaded topic of merchant fees or get right to the point. Fees are fee’s no matter where or how you hide them. Merchants know you hate them, and each time your temper rises or your frustration of figuring out the bill, they continue to search for new ways to charge.

The hide and seek with fees began with expensive equipment. I remember because I remember keeping the entire amount of a sale in my first company a long time ago. Payment went from my customers to me with no middleman. Once this Merchant process began, I jumped on the course like everyone else I knew. My first terminal cost me $250. That’s $250 per month! Also, there were batching fees, per-transaction fees, and a few more that I didn’t know at the time. Suddenly, I was in the mix wondering why when my customer is standing right in front of me, do I have to give a portion away to someone else who has no idea this transaction is happening?

Hidden Merchant Fees

Merchant fees and percentage costs kept changing, and soon other merchants created less expensive terminals until “Square” came in and eliminated the profit from equipment. How could others compete? By jumping to the next level of dodging where fees were coming from in their contract.

I remember an HVAC company who said they were getting a fantastic deal at 1.8%. I did the quick math. Without hidden fees, their annual cost should have been $23,400 (which, by Woje’s standard, is about $15,000 too much). Their actual cost for the yearly merchant fees ended up costing them just over $39,000!

So, hiding fees was that next step. It reminds me of a carnival game where the gopher’s head pop’s up in different locations, and you try to hit it before it hides and pops up in a new spot. Only its merchants and they are playing with your money.

Business owners have been wising up to it and are not happy. Since the business owners know the game and are watching and asking the right questions, the merchant providers have turned their attention to your customers. So, what are merchant providers doing now? If you want to piss off your customer, let them swipe their card on a sale and see an additional charge on their purchase! You are the one they are going to be upset with.What

Merchant Fee’s

My brother deals with investment properties. He said it is not fun having so many tenants now furious because their rent went up an additional $35 to $55 more because merchants are charging them.

Again, charging your customers instead of you is merchant companies’ next evolution, or should I say revolution, as in the war they are creating between the businesses and their customers. Think it through. Your customers don’t enjoy paying sales tax. Do you feel they will enjoy adding 5% to purchase your product or service?


Where merchant fees are heading now, I can’t imagine if I would be all too happy to purchase something for $100 and realize with sales tax and now merchant fees it could cost me up to an additional $12 to $15!…”Let’s hide our merchant fees behind the sales tax.” Like that solves any problem. The only way to truly reduce merchant fees is to eliminate them. That’s right…ELIMINATE THEM!… AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

It is possible, especially for businesses that mainly do business locally. Let’s begin with two simple questions that will be answered in unison. Number one is, “Who is profiting off merchant fees and second is, “Why?” Most think that one person is making money from merchant fees, but this is not so.

Imagine, if you will, you are standing face to face with your customer. Can the money be handed to you directly? Not when done electronically. There are three entities your money is passed along to within merchant processing which each take a portion before it reaches you.

The three Merchant leaches are:

  1. The Central Exchange: Think of these guys as the patent holder of electronic fund transfers. They hold the right to charge a fee for every transaction worldwide. If it is electronic, they take some, and there is no way around this.
  2. Credit Card Network: Each card has its network to track transactions. If your customer uses a credit card to purchase and you accept it as payment, you are using their merchant network, and so you are charged a percentage of a sale.
  3. The Merchant: They are the ones providing you access to the different credit card networks…for a fee. These fees can be a monthly cost plus transaction fees, extra percentage on top of the Credit Card’s percentage, or any other way to hide or circumvent your knowledge through fine print as to where the merchant fees are and when they will show up.

Of course, now they are increasing these amounts and passing them on at five and six percent to your customers.

SwipeSo, how do we reduce the fees? You do this by removing who receives payment from the sale whenever possible. The best way is how Woje is set up. Woje turns you into a Merchant company so you can keep the fees. You become the Merchant provider; you become the credit card network.
An example of just how detrimental Woje is to Merchant fees can be found in this small sign shop’s numbers. Imagine these numbers for your sales:

Over $600,000 in sales, with the cost of receiving it electronically only being a little over $900 (Central Exchange…can’t get rid of them on electronic transactions, or that number would have been even lower).

Now we have the Credit Card Network to remove. This fee can be eliminated by becoming the note holder or through bank-to-bank transactions. The best way for this process is to be the Credit card network whenever possible until the credit card networks are no longer needed and become obsolete. But the simplest way is to transact it with bank-to-bank auto-withdrawal from a customer’s bank account.

Now you are probably wondering what you will do if the payment bounces. Woje has taken care of that issue and turned it into a non-collection, interest-creating, customer-devoted automated system. And we want every localized business with a product or service that is $300 or more to not only learn how but be fully trained for free!
You can sign up and get your dashboard for free at Sign up and get trained. Turn your business into a bank! How well does Woje work when you use it for more than just regular transactions? Let’s go back to the case study to determine that

Look at the numbers again and add more profit to the small sign company for being the Credit Card Network or Noteholder. Again, we are talking about over $600,000 in sales. Becoming the credit card company added $22,000 plus to the $600,000 in purchases through interest.  Of course, that $22,000 increases daily and stays in the sign companies pocket because the notes still have over $14,000 of balance left. (Just wait until you see how risky it was to capture this money

First, scare! “What if they don’t pay or the sale bounces?!” Let’s go back to the case study when they used Woje’s patented process: 22 Years with no collections, the captured extra interest income, and the creation of long-term devoted clients. (And you can’t take a Bob’s Bowling Alley sign and sell it to another bowling alley for nonpayment.

So, now the last big question, the elephant in the room….”To take on these roles, I need capital.” Let’s go back to the small sign shop one last time. All of the $600,000 in sales were done with no out-of-pocket money. They remained in the black. (It is so stupidly simple how they did it.)

One more thing just for an excess, “Wow!” on what the sign company is doing that you are losing out on. Woje created a big businesses’ massive tax advantage and put it into a small business’s toolbelt.

I just realized that I forgot to mention that the sign company was set up as the processor through Woje, eliminating the regular merchant processor. So, they charged a per-transaction fee for being the merchant. You might as well add that bit of extra income to the pot. Now merchant services are a necessary evil in modern business. But, when you have more than one way of receiving money, such as with Woje, you now have more options to protect your customers along with yourself from the excess charges.

Woje is a more unique way and a way that is not made to allow the Merchant leech mob access. Should we mention taxes again since that is the largest leech you deal with that Woje needs to reduce or remove? Woje also grants you access to more profit through greater tax benefits.card or cash

In Conclusion

If you wish to give yourself a break from the onslaught of Merchant providers, then become the merchant provider, the credit card, and the bank in a matter of minutes. Go to, sign up for your free dashboard, get familiar and fully trained through the simple ABC video training, and within a short stint, you can capture all this money from now on. It is fast and easy.

If you’re the nervous type, we will further educate you on our free up-and-coming webinars. You can sign up for one of them here. Or if you want to view a demo of the dashboard before getting your free dashboard, you can click here and converse with one of our consultants and ask more questions. With any of the three ways, Woje’s goal is your confidence in capturing this money back. You made it. You should keep as much of it as possible.