Becoming A Self Finance Company

Woje is for solopreneurs, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses who desire an alternative to shelling out a percentage of their profits to merchant services, dealing with collections, and who want to keep credit card interest. Woje is for those whose sales are geographically limited by their customers…Medical…Auto…Construction…Retail…Products…Services…etc.

Gain 20% to 30% of the lost revenue you created by self-financing.

Self-Financing?! Ouch! I can’t do that!

What if you could and remain in the black? What if you can and never deal with worrying about collecting on time, every time? Woje makes this possible.

In a little less than 2 hours of training, you can finance your clients with no fear, easily track all the interest, payments, and increase you will be making. Spending little time per month to gain this increase? This is Woje.


How does it work so efficiently and so well?


You are taught how to customize the financing to fit your business and your ability. This means you will know the numbers for your product, your service. You will know your personalized finance strategy. Product or service, high-profit margin or low-profit margin…excess capital on hand or no capital on hand…it doesn’t matter.


You are given a finance term sheet to add to your invoice or existing contract. Change some dates and numbers, and it’s ready to use.


You get your dashboard where you plug in the numbers for each contract and let it track the payments, interest, and, according to the terms….autowithdraw all the payments.


Any issues that could arise of insufficient funds, the patented system is set up so the contract and software work hand in hand. It will alert you of the bounce and walk you through exactly each step on what to do next, including lowering the auto-withdrawal payment size, applying or disregarding late fees, increasing the interest rate. This happens all according to the contract, all on the fly, and all in a matter of seconds. The contract and software work in tandem to seamlessly always get you paid.


Do you want to be up and running with our quickstart video tutorials? You will have access to video training on using the system, your specific finance numbers, the psychology behind ethical financing between you and your customers, the art of selling financing, how to finance while eliminating collections, and much more. This is all at your fingertips and all part of the package.

WOJE Business

The ability to bypass merchant fees, easily collect on potential collections, and earn interest through financing your clients will open your eyes and wallet to the ever-increasing profits your business is generating. Take your small business to the next level with Woje Business training.

Join the live webinar training. The Woje trainers take you right from how to hone in on your customized finance numbers, to prepping your term sheet, to software training and tips and tricks to keep any customer from reaching the 60 to 90-day collection window with ease. Free during Woje’s “Live Launch”! (Normally $497).

WOJE Corporate

Want a bit more hands-on intimate approach. Join one of the Woje corporate training. This is a smaller, more intimate group where training is accompanied by Q & A from the group all while walking you through each step necessary to start financing your customers confidently and quickly. We even have had some businesses prepared with a customer ready to be financed. In this small group, you will have a complete walk-through. (A $3,800 value)


The Next Level of Profits from 1 to 1 Training
Woje Pro is for those businesses who really want to run the gambit with how much they can bring in through financing, capturing the money, and building that profit big. Get 1 to 1 business training, in-depth, in detail for you and your team; salespeople, accounts receivable, bookkeeper, accountant….get them all on the same page with this custom, personal 1 to 1 business training.
What if passive income and interest became a higher income than your current sales? Learn it simply, learn it fast, make it quick, make it happen, with Woje Pro! (A $8,700 value)

WOJE Collaborators

We are changing the flow of money…back to the smaller businesses!

Network organizers, Accounting Firms, Investment Firms, Insurance Agencies, Business Coaches, Influencers, Chambers, Association Presidents, time for you to stabilize your communities, cities, states, and providences. Become a Woje Collaborator and partner and depending on your network of influence and ability we will customize discounts for your clients and commission on the revenue. There is also a third benefit that we are currently working on…STAY TUNED! A dream of the CEO, Scott A Johnson, is to have those who help build it, reap the benefits of using it and profiting from it. If you would like more information contact us today!

Let’s see if one of the four financing systems is for you.