Eliminate Collection Charges – for payments on our services by becoming a bank. Well first off: what if you could be the bank? Would that change how you handled collections? No seriously? If you were a bank how would you operate differently? Did you know that you could become a bank and not only lend money or allow payments for your goods or services? Well yes, you can, and now you know. That is not all. You see most collections work as a win-lose operation. Not so anymore.

The way it has always worked in the past was. A customer wanted your goods or services and they either bought it from you or they didn’t. Then the idea came along to buy something with nothing. Or credit. Well, this didn’t always work because when the money came due it was hard to collect.

Then loans became a little more secure where the customer had a little skin in the game. Or an asset for a guarantee of payment. So how does this have anything to do with how to eliminate collection charges for payments on our services, I will get to that.

Eliminate Collection Chargescredit cards

When a person wouldn’t pay sometimes a third party would be involved. And now they wanted some of your money to hunt down those who owed you. Sadly enough, this is where things get messy. You see they send a tattooed tough guy over to threaten your cherished customer, or he will take the goods back on his terms. Usually, at this point, you don’t have any use for the goods, and the bulldog collection guy ate up most of your profits.

What if you could avoid that whole route altogether? What if you could make the option to eliminate collection charges for payments on our services a win-win? Let me paint a picture first. Most customers are the type of people who want to buy and pay upfront.

Then you get those who desperately have to have your goods and services but can’t afford them. Those are the people who either get you into trouble or are some of your best customers? Why these two options? Well, because they are passionate about what you are selling. It is a very good thing as long as you have someone who is not too passionate about what you have, only to steal it.

Big Picture

credit feesThis is where you can finally separate yourself from collections. Yes, you heard me right. No more collections. Here is where most people get themselves into trouble. They do what is called owner finance. They think that as a business they are pretty creative and have found the perfect solution to selling to anyone who walks through their business’s doorway. The problem is when a person is willing to rob you for your goods or services. This is an easy way to do it and then the option to get paid is the tattooed guy. Remember him? This is why you typed in this search, right? Eliminate collection charges for payments on our services, yes this search term. OK, so I have you figured out, right?

Now back to the different options people take. They can always have third-party finance. This would be the bank, credit card company, a personal loan, or maybe they sold a kidney on the market for some cash. In this case, they want your goods or service. The problem is they may want the sale but can’t get a loan, or have already sold both kidneys. Well, the option of being the bank is the answer to the question of how to eliminate collection charges for payments on your services and even help close more sales.

How do you become the bank? Woje. You see with Woje you can structure a secure financing option for your customers that is backed by a contract, you then pull the money directly from their account. Sounds illegal? It’s not, it is called direct withdrawal. Big businesses use it all the time and now you can too. Once you set up the first contact of collecting you no longer will need to contact them about their payments. If there is a change in payments and interest, it is automatically changed in the system.

Even better: say your customer hits on hard times. No need to sick the guard dog collection guy on your customer. Just adjust the payment amount so they can afford to pay. The coolest part is you can collect interest just like a bank on money that belongs to you. No need to pay collection charges for payments on (y)our services, just pay yourself the money that is owed you.

You Run the Business as You Want

So how does Woje work? Seamlessly, that’s how. It is like you get the business and the Woje system keeps track of the payments, interest, late fees, or bounced paymentsall for you. The coolest part is you keep collecting checks instead of chasing them. Also, you eliminate collection charges for payments on (y)our services and goods.

So what are you going to do about it? Keep doing what you have been doing in the past?
Option 1. Turn away customers who are passionate about your goods or services.
Option 2. Lend customers money and hope they pay you back.
Option 3. Use a third-party lender and lose out on interest.
Option 4. Hope the guard dog collection dude scares your customer into paying up.

Or are you ready to eliminate collection charges for payments on (y)our services by using Woje? It’s time to demand a better way.

Woje is a better way to buy.
is a better way to collect.
is a better way to exchange.
is a better way to do business.
is a better way to do money.
is a better way to eliminate collection charges for payments on your services.

In Conclusion

If you wish to remove collections from your vocabulary or give yourself a break from the onslaught of merchant providers and learn how to reduce merchant credit card fees without charging customers, then become the merchant provider, the credit card, and the bank in a matter of minutes. Go to www.mywojemoney.com, sign up for your free dashboard, get familiar and fully trained through the simple ABC video training, and within a short stint, you can capture all this money from now on. It is fast and easy.

We will further educate you on our free up-and-coming webinars if you’re the nervous type. You can sign up for one of them here. Or, if you want to view a Woje dashboard demo before getting your feet wet with a free dashboard, you can click here and set up an appointment with one of our business consultants and ask them more questions.

With any of the three ways, Woje’s goal is your confidence in capturing this money back. You made it. You should keep as much of it as possible.
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