Collection Agencies – How do we still allow these people to do things the way they do? The consumer side is one thing. Their reputations precede them as persistent and relentless … in other words, collection people are bullies.

But what about the business owners that have done everything right? They provided a service, project, or a good, and are still hanging in the balance of the collection world because the customer couldn’t or wouldn’t pay their bill? I vote that the word ‘collections’ should somehow be added to the list of 4-letter words.

Hundreds of thousands of small/medium businesses end up with outstanding accounts receivables with no other resource than to call a collections agency, who’s going to charge them 40-50% of whatever they collect. On average, only 20% of the total debt is recovered. Like … I get it. It’s better than nothing, but it sure feels like someone is getting violated.  Again, you did the work, put 100% into it like any other customer, and you’re still only going to get the small portion of what you earned IF the collection agency is any good.

Collection Agencies Dentist

According to the Collection Bureau of America, the collections market is expected to grow 4.4% in 2021, growing from $18.6 billion (was $11.5B in 2018). Also, on average, collections have grown faster than the pace of the national economy. Why in the world are we letting that money get away from the people that earn it rightfully?!

What if you do a search in Google for ‘how to avoid collections agencies?’ The results spit out a bunch of links to other organizations that teach you how to either do an eternal dance to avoid the agency (and eventually lose), or it’s another service that will just take your money in place of the collection group.

So how about this: what if businesses set up a plan at the beginning of a transaction that gives you the ability to TAKE the payment directly from your customer’s bank? So simple, so beautiful! Why didn’t you think of that? Well, we’ve been brainwashed to think that only financial institutions can provide this service; only banks and credit card companies—and collection agencies, for that matter—can do such a thing.


The solution hasn’t always been around, but it exists today. Imagine this: upon signing an agreement with any customer for payment to extend anywhere between 2 weeks or 60+ months, you enter them into a program on your computer that has their bank info, keeps the ledgers, has ongoing plan flexibility, basically full financial control, without having to pay absorbent amounts to a bank to do it. What if that same program allowed you to be a human to your customers and extend payment plans, change interest rates, forgive when needed, and ultimately build the most loyal group of customers the world has ever seen?! Ohand you collected 100% along the way.

In Conclusion

You got thisWOJE Money has developed itself into a machine that lets a business become all the tools it needs to stay in the black on all of the accounts with who you choose to win. Want to pull money from a customer when they owe it to you fair and square? It’s like having powers from heaven showering down upon you.  Someone owes you money and you have an air-tight agreement with WOJE. BOOM! Take that money, baby!

Say goodbye to collections. You planned, you set yourself up … and YOU COLLECTED 100% and you’re on to the next sale/job/project. Does it have to be that easy? No. But we did it anyway.

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